29 December, 2011

I am back here!

I didn't check and write my English blog for over one year, ha. Well, because I put most of my time on maintaining my Chinese blog, and my English was progressing very slowly, thus after a while, I almost forgot I still had this blog. But I didn't have many readers here, so here would be only a place for me to practice my English writing.

From last post to this recent post, my life changed a lot during this year. At the end of 2011, when I look back, I feel so appreciated to myself and my dearest partner-MKL. We overcame a lot of things, from he decided to move to Taiwan, plan to stay here, tried to get used to the foods and culture, got a job and work in a high pressure working system, and married me with a high expectation from my parents. Everything for him is not easy but even tougher than we thought. I do admire my husband, he faces such great challenges, but is still strong to handle and manage them, never give up, he is absolutely a hero in my heart and life. He keeps his words to fight for me in a foreign country, to take care of me like a real knight, I appreciate what he has done for me. Therefore, I also try my best to treat him well, make he feel like home here.

MKL officially moved to Taiwan at Feb, and then we registered our marriage at April, at the same month he started to work, and after few months later, we held our wedding party at Sep. Time flies, in one year we managed and achieved several important things in our lives, we finally succeeded and made it.

I know there would be more challenges wait for us, but I know we are a great team, we can find our way to solve and move on. To make our lives better is the main faith. I just realized that any possibility would come true one day, only if you really want to make it.

At this moment, a new year is coming, we would like to share our happiness with all of you, and wish you will be luck and happy together.

I wish you best of luck!


MKL said...

So sweet! :-D

LilyChen said...

Thank you so much! <3

Shingo T said...

Sweet indeed, my 2 lovely friends in Taiwan. ^_^

btw, there might be a chance I will be coming down Taiwan again in the mid of this year with Wifey and my in-laws. If I do, I will drop you guys a note.

Stay this lovey dovey always, Lily & Nino. Love overcomes all boundaries. Happy New Year! ^_^

LilyChen said...

So happy to get your comment again, and thanks for the lovely blessing.

If you really come to Taiwan again, please must let us know, we would like to greet you.

Happy New Year!!

mimika said...

Hi I came to your blog via your hubby's blog. His blog is great and I learned alot about Taiwan! Your blog is cool too! Thanks for sharing your love story :)

LilyChen said...

Thanks for visiting here, although I haven't updated here for a long while...but I will try to find time to update more. :-)