30 October, 2012

After quite a while...

It's not easy to maintain two blogs at same time, especially if one is written in your native language, but the other one is not. Since the last post, I thought I could have more free time to spend on my English blog, however in between I decided to change my job position and had to learn new skills, which took me a lot of time and I had to learn it as quickly as possible.

And the second thing that kept me away from writing on my English blog is a special condition: I am pregnant. The first 3 months felt like I was stuck in a never ending nausea every day. It was too awful for me and I don't think that I could go through that again. But I must thank my dearest hubby, he has showed his great support for me, has comforted me and tried to help me as best as possible, even when his job was quite stressful and demanding.

This was taken in Tatung university. It reminds me of the days my pregnancy still wasn't that obvious.

Before I was pregnant, I still had no idea about what it means being pregnant. It was like a mystery for me, although I am a woman, there will always be things that you couldn't feel or understand until you experience them by yourself, and pregnancy is one of those things. I thought I would be lucky and wouldn't have any uncomfortable feelings like others, because I exercised at least twice a week, and always ate healthy, I was proud of my healthy life style. However, it doesn't matter, if you live healthy, it only depends on your body features and structure. What symptoms you would have is also unknown. The only thing you can do is to bear the uncomfortable moments, move on and search things that would make you feel better, that's all. After this experience, I respect pregnant women much more, because they really try hard to keep strong and balance their lives.

Now my pregnancy is past the half time, I am close to 6 months and I’ll keep on going strong in order to welcome a healthy and cute baby.

I don't know how often I could write a post here, but I won't give up on this English blog, I want it to remain an open door for me to communicate with the English blogosphere.


MKL said...

You are amazing! <3

LilyChen said...

Thanks! <3

Shingo T said...

Congratulations, Lily (and Nino)! =) So happy to hear this.

My son is 3 weeks old by now. Maybe a few years down the road with Wifey and my son, we can drop by Taipei again to meetup?


LilyChen said...

@Shingo T:
Congrats, too!
First time to be a papa is not easy, right? Maybe in the future you can share some tips with Nino. :-)