14 November, 2010

My happy birthday in 2010.

I had my birthday on Nov 11th. And although my dearest boyfriend was far, he tried his best to give me an unforgettable birthday memory. He really did a great job by writing a sweet post in Chinese on his blog. I felt so touched and cried when I was reading his lovey-dovey birthday wish. I always feel it's so great to come to this world and meet him, he absolutely is the best gift I ever got. I was pretty busy on my birthday, so let me tell you what I did:
1. I went to the yearly medical check-up.
2. I went to the hair salon to dye my hair.
3. Went to a fancy restaurant to have dinner with my friends.
I finished all of the tasks and everything went pretty smoothly and well. From my medical check-up, I know I am healthy and I reach my diet goal: I lost some body fat in this year. Now my body fat is 22%, hope I can keep it. And because my hair salon offers 40% discount to customers who have birthdays in the same month, I chose to dye my hair this month. I got me a new color and now my hair is shiny again. The 3rd task is something I do every year, I pick a popular and famous restaurant and invite my friends to have dinner with me. You can read that on Nino's blog, I wrote a guest post.

I really had a great birthday, because not only did I receive my boyfriend's lovely gift, but also had a delightful birthday dinner and received tons of blessings on facebook, plurk and twitter. I think I was really so blessed that day. I hope I could share my luck to others and the readers who read this post. :-)


Lily Riani said...

ave a happy blessed birth day, you write well. you should write more in fact.

MKL said...

I'm happy, that you are healthy and so positive around your birthday. Because I couldn't be there, I tried my best to give you something special. I'm happy that you will remember it. And next year I'm sure we'll celebrate it together. I want a duck :P

Netster said...

Happy birthday :)

I didnt leave a msg in FB right? was busying looking at other beautiful girl on FB thats why I missed out leaving at birthday wish on your FB.


LilyChen said...

@Lily Riani,
Thank you so much,that because I have a great instructor. :-P I will try to write more. ^^

Well, ya, I was happy and positive, just had a pity that I couldn't share the super yummy duck with you. But when you come here, we can eat the duck together, hehe.

Hehe, I'm still happy to get your blessing,it's never too late to get happiness. :-) Thank you.

Shingo T said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday, Lily! ^_^

Haha, I was wondering why Nino asked for a duck till I read your reply. =p

If you thought this birthday is good, wait till you see what Nino surprise you with next year. =p

LilyChen said...

@Shingo T,
Sorry I forgot to reply your comment, I know you would forgive me. :-P Next year I need to surprise him at his birthday first, haha. To think a new surprise is always hard, I do hope Chef Stone could catch me in supermarket and cook for us as his birthday dinner. That would be so wonderful, haha...

Stefanie said...

God bless you, sister! We love you too! MUACKS!

Glad that you had a great one. I love looking at your :) pictures, you are very sweet.

LilyChen said...

Sorry for my late reply, and thank you so much! You're always so sweet to me, so happy to meet you. ^^

Mei said...

Awwww super sweet boyfriend you have! My birthday in December soon aswell.

LilyChen said...

Yes, he is really so sweet, I am so happy to have him. Sorry for my late reply, I think your birthday should've passed. ^^"

Happy belated birthday!

*~kAy~* said...

Its so nice to know that you are happy and healthy :3 Hope you will be for many many more years to come! :)

Bananazஇ said...

So this 2011 would be a special day for you 11.11.11 whoa..great day to celebrate and remember by.

Anonymous said...

Lily, you no reply pplz message? Fuiyoh! Wakakaka :P

LilyChen said...

@*~kAy~* @Bananazஇ,
I know it's very weird to reply the comments so late...but I totally forgot I still have this English blog, haha...I truly apologize for my late reply. And thank you for your blessings. :-)

@Slovenec na Tajvanu,
I am replying after few months later...:-PPPP