16 October, 2010

Gel nails rock !

I love my nails.

I think my parents gave me nice and long fingers and good shape of nails. I think they're cute and make my hands look elegant. So like other girls, I like to polish my nails and also like to add cute drawings or decorations to them. But it's really annoying to wait for the polish dry, that's why I like to go to a nail salon and do my nails there in the recent 3 months. Although it costs more, because they're made with gel, but it's really worth it. You save your time and make your nails look good at least for a month. And the professional manicurist will usually do a good job and make you addictive. At least they made me addictive to gel nails now. :-)

These are the nails I did for the last 3 months. The first two are made on my toes, because I love to wear sandals in summer, so I think it's a must to have well done and shinny nails, that make you look prettier and sexier. After I did the pedicure, I love my toes more and always look at them while wearing sandals, hehe. They really made my toes sexy.

And then this Wednesday I did my first time manicure and chose the most popular color and used some cute lace stickers on my nails. My manicurist is so talented and really made them like I wished. MY FINGERS BECAME SO ELEGANT NOW. I love them so much.

In conclusion, to be a well-maintained woman, you not only need time but also need money to make yourself look and feel good.

Do you like to do gel nails also? Please share your opinions. :-)


MKL said...

I like women with nice nails, but simple ones are also good. The ones you made here are special and cute, I wish I could be there with you to see them in real. Please post more photos of your nails, clothes and make-up skills :)

Lily Riani said...

i like the fist pic, the colour matches your shoe :D

LilyChen said...

Because of you, I start to pay attention on my toes and nails, haha, it wasn't bad, just need more time (and money) to take care of them. But luckily, I have good nails, so it's easier and worthy to make them look good. I am still thinking about the new direction of my English blog...:-P

Thank you so much, I also felt the first one matched my toes more. :-)

Shingo T said...

My Wifey is not into any form of nail enhancement. She knows that when I see them, I will ask "How much did you spend on it?".

I am such an unromantic hubby. =p

LilyChen said...

@Shingo T,
That's the reason when Nino asked me how much I paid for this, I didn't want to tell him. But actually nail art is not necessary, just for fun and pleasure.:-)

it-inspires-me said...

wanna follow each other:)?

LilyChen said...

Sure, we can follow each other. :-) I do like your blog way.