28 May, 2010

I got the Stylist blogger and Cherry on Top Awards!

Last week I was murmuring to my boyfriend that I didn't know what topic I could write on my English blog. He gave me some suggestions, but I still didn't have any ideas. I have a semi-popular Chinese blog in Taiwan and I know what topics my Taiwanese readers are interested in, but when it comes to my English blog, I sometimes have no clue what my readers like to read. For me, blog is not a diary, but more of a sharing platform for sharing my various experiences, so I don't write too many private or personal things online. That's why I haven't updated my English blog for a while recently.

Therefore, my kind and sweet boyfriend tagged and awarded me and then I got a topic to share with my readers, although most of the readers are our friends. :-P

The rule of this tag is to write 5 random facts about you and award the tag to 5 others. Well, maybe I can't tag others, because I don't know so many foreign bloggers, but I still can tag some of my lovely and cute friends.

Here are my random facts:

1. I have a big scar between my eyebrows.

I did several surgeries and tried to make it look better, even hoped it'll disappear, but it couldn't. I got it 10 years ago, while I rushing to catch the train. I was unfortunate to fall down on the stairs, hit my face and broke my glasses. It cut my face and ever since, I lack confidence in my appearance. I must say that my boyfriend always says I am beautiful and that the scar is small and not obvious. Should I listen to him?

2. My body fat was 24.1% last time, and I want to lose some more weight to get the goal of 22% in this year.

3. I have several gray hairs.

I am like my father, I have gray hair from my junior high school time. At that time half of my hair was gray! I guess I was reading too many books and thought too much. But recently, it got better, I guess that indicates I don't read too many books recently, hehe...

4. I can eat same foods at least one month.

If I am on diet, I can eat same dishes (usually low-calorie) every day, at least for a month.

5. I don't hear well.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother noticed my problem and she asked my mum to send me to hospital to do a check-up. But my mum thought I don't hear well, because I was too focused on something. She thought I didn't have a real problem. Years later, I was at my ex boyfriend's and there was a high-pitched sound, but I didn't hear it. He was the one who told me and I was a bit surprised. But I decided not to do anything about it, because I didn't have any inconveniences because of that :-P

And now to the Cherry on Top reward. For this tag I have to thank the person who gave me the reward, copy and post it on my blog, then list three things I love about myself and post a picture I love. Then tag 5 people.

 This is my sweet boyfriend, he always looks nice to me, and I love him so much.

Well, I don't know if I can tag and give the reward to any of my friend, but I hope I can tag some, hehe. At first, I want to thank my boyfriend, he tagged me and gave me this topic to write. Then here are 3 things I love about myself:

1. I love my kind heart.

I'm a bit shy to say that I have a kind heart, but people keep telling me that, so I guess there's some truth in it. I think I'm just normal, I am just kind to my friends, family and the people I love. Because I love them, I hope I can make them happy and help them to have a better life.

2. I love my patience and willpower.

If I decide to do some things or change my bad habits, I usually do it. Although it would be a long-term struggle, I would keep doing it and try to make it part of my life, such as going to gym, yoga or improving the way I hold chopsticks.

3. I love my talent of cooking.

Well, this one hasn't been tested by my boyfriend yet, but I got some good feedback from my family in the past. I seldom cook at home, but if I do, it's usually good. I read the recipes first, even if that is my first time to cook, I still can make it well! To me cooking is interesting and a lot of fun, I want to have my own nice kitchen one day.

Ok, I want to tag and give these 2 awards to some of my lovely friends and those who came to my blog recently:

1. Stefanie from http://msstefanie.blogspot.com/
2. Manju from http://littlem-o-holic.blogspot.com/
3. Shingo T from http://shingot.blogspot.com/
4. Hipper from http://hipper-itw.blogspot.com/
5. さらまり from http://chouzuru.blogspot.com/

If you do the tag or don't, it's really up to you. Just take it easy, k. I won't spy on you, hehe. Although I will continue stalking you on your blogs ;-) (Stole this sentence from my sweet boyfriend MKL)


MKL said...

Great post, Lily. And the photo of me is good, but I need to clarify why my neck was so burned. It was because we walked around Kaohsiung for 6h, hehe. I should've used sunbloick :-P Next time I will. Thanks a lot for doing the tag. :-)

Manju said...

number 1: listen to the boyfriend, youre really pretty :)

thanks for tagging meeeeee :D

i'm so taken with exams, so i might not do it anytime soon, but even if i'm not blogging much right now i still stalk nino's and your blogs too ;)

reanaclaire said...

hi..greetings from reanaclaire.com

first time coming by your blog, so far i do not have a taiwan blogger before, hope we can keep in touch.. would love to come by more often!

LilyChen said...

I think all of your followers already knew that your neck was burned, because you posted the photo first. Thanks for tagging me and give me a good title to write my English post.

Hope you can pass all of your exams!!Good luck!! Thanks for keeping stalking our blogs. BTW, listen to girlfriend is also very important and wise. :-P

Welcome!!I am so honored become your first Taiwanese blogger, hehe. Keep in touch!

さらまり said...

Congrats on receiving the awards! The cherry on top award is especially nice I think, because it's sometimes difficult to say what we love about ourselves.

Thank you very much for tagging me, you are so kind.

Shingo T said...

Thanks for the awards, Lily.

I havce just posted them up on my blog. ^_^

Having seen you before, I haven't really noticed your little scar. And what that means is that it's not noticeable. So don't think too much about it.

LilyChen said...

I think you're kinder, because you're such a popular blogger, and you have so many followers, but still you'll go to every of their blogs to check and comment. You're an amazing American girl, I like your passions to Japanese culture!

@Shingo T,
Really? You didn't notice? Well, even Nino said he didn't notice, either. But every time I look into the mirror and see the scar, it always makes me down a little, you know women likes to look pretty and perfect, so I usually use my fringe to cover my scar. Thank you so much, you're kind and nice.

Hipper said...

Suddently, I cannot read English!!! XD

Netster said...

Awwwww an English blog! Awesome! I like it! Hey you know what .. Just write how you write your Chinese blog.

I think I am all ear for your Taiwan juicy gossip or romance awwww!!! hahahahah

Your scar it just fine! I have a very nice set of tooths believe me when I said, I really really have a nice smile and a great set of Tooths (mkay I know I repeat that hahaha)

here's a story...

one fine stupid evening a bunch of stupid dogs gave chase to me while I was riding my bicycle back from work.

I was so scare I paddle my bicycle so fast and I keep looking back and by the time I facing front I was just few second in hitting a stupid Pajero SUV which parking at the middle of the road!

I slam my handsome face on the back of that silly SUV flat!!! I broke or probably dislocate two of my front tooth! My rabbit tooth!!!!!! I cried so loud like girl and I keep cursing the stupid dogs and the stupid SUV!!!

My lip swollen and left scar. my front tooths.. if it too cold a day.. I felt the pain!

I know how you feel when you lost your confidence. I have that moment too and so sad!

But no matter what happen life goes on... and we learn how to respect ourself for what we are :)

Because my tooths was so ugly I find a job that I need to talk a lot... I was the top sell for few years.

The morale of the story...
1) never look back or you hit the SUV hard!
2) small scar doesn't kill, it can be a tool for some one to love you more.
3) god.. always has something in the name of tragedy.

exciting story huh??? FYI, after the accident I never went to the doctor! So I'm not sure how my tooths or teeth is doing today!!!! grrrr

This is my first comment and its a long one :)


Netster said...
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Netster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Netster said...

btw, I think I know the guy seating right there!!!! how cool and enjoying himself with the scenery eh? Lucky devil!

MKL said...

That's one of the best first comments I ever read on any blog, haha.. Bro, your story touched me. Guess what? I also had a similar experience. Once as a kid some other kid pushed me down and I broke parts of my front teeth... That was really a traumatic experience for me.

But today I'm a lucky devil having fun in Kenting with a sexy blogger from Taiwan, hahaha :P

LilyChen said...

Wow, thank you so much, your comment is the longest one I ever got, hehe. I know past is the past, but to be woman, sometimes just can't release those flaws, especially they're obvious. But I already take it more and more slightly, and thanks for my patient and kind boyfriend, he makes me have more confidence now, I am very thankful.

Your story and Nino's story were really alike, and I can understand the pain that you have to use the fake teeth, but still, if you don't tell people, they would think you have perfect teeth! But it's hard for me to fix my scar, but I think you're right, the scar and flaw will become "a tool for someone to love you more." Such a great sentence!!

I'll try to find some topics to write in my English blog, my main focus is always on my Chinese blog, but I'd try to catch up here. Thanks a lot!!

I think so, @Netster is really an interesting and nice person like you said. You're the best bridge to bring people together. :-*

LilyChen said...

Forgot to reply your comment, sorry! Just take the tag easy, it's just for fun ah. I like your post, and always look forwards to read your blog. ^^

Anonymous said...

Random fact 3 -> Gray hair is cool!