12 April, 2010

Can Lin Yu Chun 林育群 grasp his chance to make his dream come true?

A Taiwanese boy named Lin Yu Chun [林育群] is the latest internet sensation. He sang Whitney Houston's legendary I Will Always Love You flawlessly on a Taiwanese show named Super Star Avenue or One Million Stars [超級星光大道] similar to American Idol. 
If he's the winner of the show, he will get 1 million Taiwan dollars and a chance to produce an album. You just have to listen to his stunning performance. Check the video below.

 Is Lin Yu Chun the next Susan Boyle? Is he the next Taiwanese Whitney Houston? Who knows, only time will tell. But he definitely became an internet sensation and may become popular all over the world.

[Photo from You-Tube video]

Some of our people said the huge difference of his appearance and the amazing singing skill made him instantly popular, but I think, if he didn't have a good voice and really performed well, then he wouldn't get a lot of attention. But since we can't know when will we get the chances to be famous or popular, we need to prepare ourselves to face every challenge and grab every chance. That's the only thing we can do.

Chances are like meteors, they disappear in few seconds. You have to learn how to grab them quickly, because they won't stay in the sky and wait for you. 

Ps: It's a pity that on last Friday, Yu Chun didn't win the competition. But he is getting a lot of invitations to perform all over the world.

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MKL said...

Good post :D I checked the video and his voice is amazing. It's a pity he didn't come further, but Taiwan has so many talents, the competition is really big. But Susan Boyle also lost and became popular. I'm sure he'll be, too.

Shingo T said...

Hello, Lily! ^_^

Wifey was telling me about this singing sensation lately. Didn't get the chance to hear him sing, but I will do so once I get a chance to go Youtube.

Office bans Youtube. =(

LilyChen said...

If Lin Yu Chun wants to be the singer here, he has a long way to achieve, because our market is not big enough, and most of our fellows listen to Chinese songs, and his skill of Chinese songs are not as good as singing English songs, so he'd better not develop here. He should be an international celebrity, hehe.

@Shingo T,
Hello, long time no see~
How's your work? Still busy?

You can watch Lin Yu Chun's video at home lo, you will feel amazing. :-P

Carina the Blogarina said...

I don't like him ... Just the same as I don't like Susan Boyle. Maybe there is something wrong with me :D

LilyChen said...

Welcome!!So happy to see your comment!
I think you're normal, of course some people would like him and some are not. But to be a Taiwanese, I am really glad that he can be noticed outside of Taiwan!!^^

Stefanie said...

Thanks for sharing such a great post. I watched the video, he can really sing very well. Perfect performance!

Hipper said...

This news is also posted in Italy~ ;-)

LilyChen said...

I forgot to reply your comment unexpectedly! Sorry for my late reply, hope you don't mind. Wish Lin Yu Chun could have good development in the future!

Really? Wow, he is really known by many countries!! I admire him!! By the way, I have my main Chinese blog: http://www.lilychen.net/f2blog Welcome to visit, too!^^

Toothfairy said...

waaah I saw him on youtube! that guy is goooood, but kind of strange though, he can sing like a girl! but ok... talent is talent...