02 February, 2010

My top 5 things I always use.

I'm so honored that a popular and beautiful blogger Manju tagged me me to list 8 of my most worn things. Actually I like to be tagged, especially if the tags are funny. But I may not only write about my most worn things here, I would like to write more about them in the posts to come. I just want to share these things with you, hehe. So here are my top 5 most worn things. Ok, let's start with something I use a lot every day...

1. My glasses:

I am nearsighted, which means I can't see far objects well. It's not really bad, though (only -2.5 dioptry). It's a bit weird, that my eye sight has become better over the years. I even use a computer for over 8 hours a day, so I have no idea, how that's possible. I bought my latest frame from a Japanese online shopping website named Rakuten 楽天 and lucky for me it fits on my face perfectly, I didn't need to adjust it at all. I think these glasses make me look modern. What do you think?

2. Hand cream:

I usually use the hand cream of "Crabtree & Evelyn", but sometimes I would like to try other brands. Right now I'm using one from "Nature &Co", which belongs to KOSÉ (a famous Japanese brand). The one on the left one is "Florena", a German brand. I like "Florena" more, because the smell is really good and the cream is easier absorbed by the hands.

3. Necklace:

My most worn one is Dogeared "Make a wish" necklace. Well, I am the kind who seldom changes her necklace, no special reason but I'm probably just too lazy to change. So there will always be one and the same necklace on my neck, until it's worn out or damaged. Then I buy a new one. :-P

4. Umbrella:


An umbrella can't really be worn, but I always use it during sunny and rainy days. I bought my favorite umbrella from a handicapped man. He makes them and sells them by himself and all of them are handmade. His skills are really good, so his umbrellas are very strong and last for a long time, they even withstand a typhoon. I used his umbrellas for 3 years, and they were still good, but I lost one of them last week, so I bought another one again. :-P

5. Cheek make-up:

[ Source here.]

NARS!!!! The quality and colors are gorgeous! I already have 4 NARS blushes: Orgasm, Deep Throat, Crazed, and Outlaw. The next one will be "Mata Hari".

Let's stop here first, because I tend to write long posts and I don't want to bore you here, hehe. I'll share some others next time. Everyone who wants to do the tag, feel free to do it. Thank you for tagging me Manju, and for featuring me on your blog! I feel so appreciated!

What are your most worn things?

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MKL said...

Great post, Lily. You really cherish good products, ah? You don't like to waste money.. well, only maybe on umbrellas :P

That pic with the glasses is awesome. You look so cool and seductive. Wow. Like a sexy teacher, haha. Kidding XD

Oh, and that dog? How did he end up on that picture? He's cute! ^_^

FJ said...

Wow, the umbrellas are very pretty indeed! The person making it really has good skills! And haha, I love your glasses too. You know, it has always been the type of glasses that I have always wanted, all black...But haha, think I can't get a new one unless the glasses I'm using now is broke.. :)

LilyChen said...

Thanks a lot, although I think it's not so good, haha...but true, I cherish my stuffs, especially the good ones. I seldom buy umbrellas, I can use an umbrella for almost three years, if it's not damaged.

Li Zi walked in unexpectedly, although I told him to go away, but seemed he was curious about what I was doing at that time. :-P

Yes, I like these umbrellas very much, the maker has good skill and design concept!
This is my first time to try this kind of glasses - all black frame, hehe. My last one was used for 1.5 years, and the metal became rusty a lil, so I changed it. You can try this kind of glasses frame at next time!

Manju said...

maybe it's coz you do yoga?? the last time i talked to a yoga Guru he said that doing a lot of proper breathing yoga can improve your sight with time. but then, my eyesight is still bad hahaha

and i'm so bad with umbrellas too. i keep breaking them, and they last normally just about a month or so. 3 years is wowwwww....so impressive.

Nars Orgasm is such a classic. I want to try it too, but i get so lazy to order it online haha

LilyChen said...

Really? Do yoga can improve the sight? Wow...I didn't know that, so good! That's why my eyesight decrease a lil every year....Hope one day I can throw my glasses away. :-)

Those umbrellas are really strong and nice, that's why I can keep them for such a long time, but I lost it 2 weeks ago, I miss it very much, and keep seeking it, hope one day it can return to me.

So don't you have Nars sales spot? I see. We finally have from last year. But I still order them from online shop, because it's cheaper. :-P

Shingo T said...

Wow, didn't know yoga improves eyesight.

I wear specs too. Don't wanna do lasik because I'm stingy.

LilyChen said...

@Shingo T ,
Ya, lasik is so expensive, so if you don't feel any inconvenient, just keep it.
Sometimes wear specs can be a kind of fashion and style. :-P

Stefanie said...

Hey Lily, I'm also being tagged! Ahh, feel so sorry to Manjubaby, I promise I will post about it within CNY.

Sis, you look good with the specs on! Trendy and modern. You're so lucky to get one which can fixed your face feature, for me, I can't. It's too risky for me to buy a specs through online shop.

The umbrellas are very beautiful. Look so nice, feel like getting one if I manage to be there one day. Pricey abit but it can resist typhoon,great one,isn't it?

Haha, one of the blushes named Orgasm, sounds so funny! :p

Manju said...

Lilychennnnn! long time no updates??