13 January, 2010

My review of 2009 and resolution for 2010.

This is my second English post. I still write rarely comparing to others, but I hope I can write at least one post a week. This is my target and I hope I can reach it every week this year. Last year I wrote my review of 2008 on my Chinese blog, but this year I decided to write the review of my 2009 here, as well as add my resolutions for 2010. It will be interesting to check my  achievements by the end of the year and see, if things went the way I hoped they would. Sounds great! I'm someone who likes to set targets for herself and plan every step to achieve them.

The first part is my review of 2009. I think the most frequently used word last year for me must have been "busy". Yep, I was busy doing many things: I had a busy job, a busy leisure time, busy weekends. I think that's because I always want to finish everything the way I plan it before, so I kept myself busy working all the time, like a busy bee, hehe.

Here are some important things that happened to me in 2009:

1. My medical check was good. 

Nothing written in red in medical my report, almost all my health related data is normal, that's great! 

2. I could run 5 km at a time and didn't feel tired.

Actually, I didn't like jogging before, but I heard it could help me to make my thighs thinner, so I decided to try it. I started around mid July. I remember the first time I jogged, I felt like I'm dying right there on the street. So I thought it may be too hard for a beginner to jog on the street, the tempo seemed too fast for me. I had to make a change and the gym seemed to be a better place for me. I used the running machine, starting with a 20 minute quick walk. Now I can run 30 to 40 minutes and add another 20 minutes of quick walk and I still feel alright. 

3. My project was finished on schedule and we received a formal certificate.

Well, this is related to my job. I participated in an important project in my company and the schedule was so tight, we only had a year to finish this big project, but all team members (over 600 people) had to play their parts well. At last, we finished it and recieved certificates. 

4. I could touch the floor with my hands while bending down forward.

I know this may be so easy for most of you, but for me, it was impossible to do before 2008, although I started with yoga in 2005. My bones were so rigid! However, after having yoga twice a week throughout the whole 2009, I'm able do this easily now. 

5. I said good-bye to my longest relationship.

I broke up in November. There were tons of memories, lots of photos and happy times in the almost 9 years long relationship. However, I finally realized that we couldn't go on like that and that we can't have a future together, so I broke up with him soon after my birthday.

In addition to my 2009 review, I'd like to set up some goals for my 2010, because it's a whole new year for me. Here are some of the things I hope will happen: 

1. I want to be with "someone" and have a great time with him in my lovely Taiwan.

This is the most important thing this year, be it now, be it later this year, most likely forever. 

2. Save money every month.

I hope I can visit a lovely country in Europe. That means I have to buy less clothes, make-up products, shoes and bags. (weep)  

3. Learn more Japanese and get the 3rd degree of JPLT .

I already got the basic 4th degree, I wish I can make a little progress. 

4. Keep healthy.

I wish the report of my medical check this year will also turn out good. 

5. Cherish my "someone" and my family.

I love all of them. I wish 2010 would be one of their best years.

[ Photos Source: My Great Photographer friend : Kovis ]

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MKL said...

Very good post, Lily. And your English is perfect, wow. I think 2010 will be a great year for you. That photo is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

=chuan guan= said...

u will do great in 2010..cheers

Manju said...

i know who 'someone' is hehe ;)

Yoga is awesome, isn't it :D

and i can totally understand when you say 'I felt like I'm dying right there on the street'. I'm supposed to run 20K in June and I still find it so so hard to do 5K >_<

2010 is going to be a great year Lily, i jusk know it!

Shingo T said...

Hey Lily. Running 5km without feeling tired is a GREAT achievement. Hahah, you can go jogging with "someone" in future.

I can't touch my toes when I bend forward. It makes me a little sad, because almost everyone in my dance class can do so.

The end of a relationship marks the start of a new beginning. I'm sure you have learnt alot in those 9 years to make you understand yourself more, and the kind of guy that fits you better.

Lastly, you don't WISH that 2010 will be one your best years. You make it HAPPEN. ^_^

And you can do it!

LilyChen said...

Thanks a lot, and you should thank yourself, too.
Because you help me to write this perfect post. :-D

@=chuan guan=:
Thanks, I hope so!! I'm positive now.

Hehe...since "someone" announced formally, most of his good friend all knew this. :-P
I can't live without Yoga now, even "someone" can't pull me away from Yoga.
Thanks a lot, we do really hope everything goes well!

@Shingo T:
Yes, I think I could run further with time! "Someone" said he would catch me up.
I can't touch my toes before, but I think except ballet, none of any dances would need to touch the toes. Therefore, do you learn ballet in your dance class?

Yes, it's true, I did learn a lot from the last relationship, and I do know what kind of man I like. It's amazing but true, time and life flies but they give us experience. I know I'll do my best to make this year wonderful! Moreover, your blessings will be a great support to us, thanks!


PS: Thank you all of you, you make me feel warm and happy!!

Manju said...

i was going to ask you, how long did you take to be able to do 5k without stopping? i just recently started running so i like hearing about ppl's experiences ^_^

LilyChen said...

So weird, I remembered I replied your comment yesterday, but seems my reply is gone...@@
Hmm, of course I can't run 5 km at the first time, so at the first 2-3 weeks, I went to GYM and run on the running machine, try to find my own tempo, I only can run 10 min and quick walk 20 min though. But after I catch the tempo, I start to add 5 more min every 2 weeks, make myself get used to the distance and get the new tempo, and then add more 5 min. From the mid July to mid November, I can run 30 min already, but still can't run 5 km, because I run slowly.

Therefore, from December, I start to run faster, but run same time, and then I can reach 5 km gradually. Hope this would be helpful for you to start running. :-P

Stefanie said...

My medical check isn't that great but at least the tablets that I need to take is getting less. Wow! 5km!!! I got a trophy for taking part a 4km jogathon during my secondary school life.

Anyway,sis, I hope your dreams can come true.

For sure, the someone is going to meet you up soon. Ah, I think you must be very excited now. Save money every month? Seems like we have the same target to be achieved. Yea, keep healthy. I also want to be healthy like last time. Don't want to have any relationship with the medicine anymore. Lol, and I cherish everyone arounds me. :p

LilyChen said...

My lovely sis, seems we have same goals! Keep healthy!!
You're so great, although I can jog for 5 km now, but I didn't get any trophy, hehe.

Thanks for the lovely blessing, ya...I'm excited now, but I also think I have more responsibilities to take care of him, because he comes for me. :-D

selvy said...

Hey, sis, whooaaa, you really got to teach me to keep the spirit on for exercising. I was once going for a jog every single day with my guy, end up a month later we were as lazy as a sloth, and keep on gaining weight afterwards >.< And do you know, I just got my physical check up also, the result is: I'm healthy, but, there's a BIG BUT that says I'm overweight, haha (psstt, my guy also have the same result) :P Anyways, wishes you the best for 2010, especially when bro is coming over, wish you two have great time together ^^v

Manju said...

oh so gradually adding on more time did the trick for you. i need to work my pace like this too. thanks for the tips lilyflower :)

ruma2008 said...

It is the moment when it is wonderful.

Thank you for showing a very beautiful view.

LilyChen said...

The most important thing is both of you are healthy!! Although you may need to lose some weight, but a healthy body can make everything, right?

Thanks for the lovely blessing, I'll do my best!!

Yes, I like to do things gradually, hope it works on you. :-)

Thanks for visiting!! This moment is really wonderful and hopeful.

zewt said...

you should blog more in english... dont stop at 3 :)

LilyChen said...

Thanks! I will keep on writing an English post every week. It takes me a lot of time to write on though. :-P