05 January, 2010

10 honest things about me that you may find interesting.

This post is my first English post, god knows I am so afraid to write a post in English. Because I DID NOT DO IT BEFORE. Actually, I don't think my English is good enough to write a blog post, but my teacher Nino encouraged me to create my own English blog, and tagged me with the "10 honest things", therefore, I decided to try to write it in English. I still don't have much confidence that I can write it well, but I'll try my best. I hope you all could understand my post. :-P

First time I saw this topic, I didn't know what to write. After reading Nino's, Shingo T's and Toothfairy's posts, and after I asked my English teacher for his advice, I decided to confess the following 10 honest things about me:

1. I was a chubby girl before. In Chinese tradition, elders always think it's good for children to eat all kinds of food, despite the amount. I wasn't a choosy girl, I liked to eat all kinds of food. Glad I have an absorbable body, so it was easy for me to absorb the nutrition of the food I ate, including the calories. I gained 10 kg a year from my 3rd grade. When I graduated from 6th grade, I was the fattest girl in my class and I had 63kg at that time. When I went to junior and senior high school, things got worse. I increased my weight to the highest weight in my life to 75 kg. I'm only 163 cm, but I was 75 kg at that time, my weight caused a hard time for me, because I was teased and taunted all the time.

2. In relation to the above, since I was 17 years old, I finally realized that my weight would become a serious problem to have good relationship, so I started to work out and slowly lost my weight. I've already lost over 20 kg with dieting and exercising, and now I try my best to keep fit.

3. I am not good in mathematic, science and physics. However, I majored in computer science in my college. I should admit it was hard for me to fight with codes, statistic and calculus. Moreover, I almost couldn't get my diploma and may have to repeat the 4th year. Nevertheless, after I graduated, I worked for some famous company as an IT engineer, and now I'm still an engineer. However, I still can't program at all.

4. Seems I am good at managing relationships. I still have connections with my ex colleagues, although I have changed my jobs four times. I've known my ex colleagues of first company for 10 years already. Moreover, I had two long-term relationships, too. I and my first ex's relationship lasted nearly 4 years; with my previous ex the relationship lasted nearly 9 years.

5. In relation to the above, I go to GYM for nearly 9 years already, at least twice a week. Exercise already became a vital part of my life.

6. I like soft toys. I have many soft dolls like hello kitties, bears, pigs, dogs... Although I am not a young girl anymore (a 30 something woman), I still like soft toys. They make me feel comfortable and relaxed.

7. We have a cute longhair dachshund. His name is Chestnut; Chinese pronunciation is "Li Zi (栗子)". He is a lively dog, has stable temper, and likes to be close to people. However, he fears to be close to other dogs, even if the size of the dog is smaller than his size. I guess Li Zi may think he is a human not a dog.

8. Some people say I look like a Taiwanese aborigine, others say I look like a bit like Thai or Philippine. Some people say I look like Jolin Tsai or Cindy Wang (even my mother told me that) and some people say I look like one of their friends. Well, however I look like or, that's who I am.

9. I once got the highest score in English during my junior high school time and I was also a tutor for geography, history, Chinese and English in my class. I relied on these subjects to raise my test sum scores. Because my math was so bad, one of my worst math scores was 18 and the second worst was 36 (I even thought there was some progress, because my scores doubled!!).

10. I seldom have good female friends, but I have some good male friends. Sometimes I feel it's a bit hard to get along with girls, but much easier to get along with guys. In addition, my mom usually says my character is like a man and I also have a dark skin and she says my brother's character is like her, and he has a fair skin. Therefore, I guess my parents must make a mistake, the sex of my brother and mine got mixed up: I should be male, and my brother should be female.

Pheww... I finished. Hope you can understand my first post in English, it was really hard for me. I don't want to tag anyone, but I think I will write it again in Chinese and post at my Chinese blog. :-P

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MKL said...

I am happy to be your teacher and I think you did a great job :) Your stories are interesting. I must admit, I know many of them, but I hear for the first time how much you exactly weighed :P Thanks for sharing. I now know more about you ;)

Manju said...

@ point number 8: well I think you look cute ;)

and i was chubby growing up too, so i can relate with that!

i hope you put a followers widget soon, coz i'd love to follow your blog ^_^


LilyChen said...

Thanks!! My dearest teacher! Aiyo...I just knew that you would guess my weight, but I won't tell you the exact number. :-P

Thanks for visiting my English blog! I already put the followers widgest, and your blog is also in my blog list! Nice to meet you. ^^

selvy said...

Hey sis! (if you don't mind me calling you that? ^^) Your english is excellent, will be visiting often ^^v

I seriously need to learn from you on serious exercising, really need to lose loads of weight here, hehe ^^

XOXO! ;)

LilyChen said...

Hey, sis, welcome!!
My English is really not so good, fortunately, I have a good and patient English teacher.

Exercise together, it's good to our health!

Anonymous said...

Cindy Wang and Jolin Tsai are both stick-thin! If you're being compared to them, you must be very thin! I'm pretty impressed by your ability to go to the gym twice a week for nine years. I can barely make it twice a month! Haha.

LilyChen said...

Thanks for visiting!
Actually, I'm not thin, just normal.
Because I was chubby before, thus I try my best to keep fit. :-D

Andhari said...

I think your english is fine and you should write more, it will only improve from there.

Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog :)

=chuan guan= said...

u actually can write in english well..you should at least be more confident next time..nice facts, nice story.. cheers

LilyChen said...

Wow, thanks for coming!! I have confidence now, thanks! I'll try my best to write more!

@=chuan guan=:
Thankssss!! I know I still have some space to make my effort, but I'll try my best and keep on blogging in English!

Toothfairy said...

I've read your blog a few times, very long time ago, in chinese. well, no, I'm lying, I TRIED to read it, but I was too lazy... :P

English is better, and your English is def. WAY better than mine!

I like soft toys too, and everytime I go to Taipei, I MUST go to that store in ximenting, with the swings... Just looking around is enough, I don't even have to buy a toy.

and the gym thing, girl, I respect you deeply! *bow*

I'm still almost chubby. Let's just say I'm not thin... for my length. And for a chinese girl, I'm def. chubby :P


Manju said...

same here :D and i just put your blog on my list hehe

LilyChen said...

How come I could get a popular blogger like you to comment here? My pleasure!!
Nino said you have part of Taiwanese descent, which makes me feel close to you. :-P
You have been to Xingmentin? It's a funny place, mix old and new stuffs.

Actually, because I read your 10 things, then I thought I could write my no.6 reference to yours. :-D

Because I have a good and patient teacher, so the quality of my post can't be worse. Thanks for commenting and visiting!!! xxx

The same with Toothfairy, I'm glad to get your comment here, because you have so many followers!!!

PS: And to Toothfairy and Manju you two girls, I think you both look so beautiful to me, not chubby, but just pretty.

Shingo T said...

Hey Lily. Your English is better than what you think!

#2: Losing 20kg is a GREAT achievement. It takes alot of discipline to do so.

#3: Everyone is good in something. You may not excel in Maths and Science, but you have a GREAT heart. And that's much preferred.

#6: I like soft toys too. But I cannot be seen hugging them in front of my friends, I'm a MAN after all. =p

#8: Lily is one of a kind. Cyndi Wang looks like you.

#9: My worst Maths score was 12/100. Haha, you are better. ^_^

LilyChen said...

@Shingo T:
Wow, thanks for visiting here. It's true that I have some disciplines to control the calories I eat everyday, and the amount of exercise I should do every week. Somehow, I may focus on this too much...:-P Although you once got the worst math score in your life, however, you made a big progress afterwards, even got the award, right?